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Volunteer Applications

We are so excited that you’re ready to take the next steps to volunteer. To get the ball rollin’ please follow these steps:

1 - Complete an online application

2 - Register for an orientation
All people volunteering in a regular role are required to attend an orientation. You can attend orientation at either locations and still be considered for a role at a different site. Upon submitting the application, you will receive instructions on how to register to an orientation.

3 - Placement
Following submission of the application and attendance of orientation, the Volunteer Department will work with you to schedule your shifts. Things we consider when placing a volunteer:

  • Current needs
  • Skill requirements
  • Your availability and time commitment
  • Age requirements. 

​Questions about volunteering? Call us at (206) 957-1600 or send us a message. Thank you for your interest in Lifelong.